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UFTN – not a kiwi way of saying ‘often’

1 December, 2009

But it is a kiwi’s way of thinking about my function as a Designer:

  • Understand – we observe, we question, we associate sometimes disparate elements
  • Filter – we analyse <> synthesis and repeat, we interpret, we framework
  • Translate – we describe in words, in visuals, in protoypes
  • (make) Navigable – so that for the user they can navigate their way through – so they’re empowered by what we’ve delivered, what we’ve implemented

Doesn’t matter if it’s service design, information design, strategic design we have to UFTN – and often. During a project a Designer is constantly making sure they understand needs (not wants), filtering information out and in to provide the right environment/sources to think, translating what they’re hearing and seeing for non-designers (managers, participants, IT people, other humans) so that in the end users/humans/customers can interact with something that helps them do better – make better decisions, use their time better, achieve their goals (which could be as small as banking online or as large as starting their own business).

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