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iPhone, iConnect, iThink iLikeIt

28 February, 2010

I have a new iPhone. It looks just like a bought one! And now I’m connected. Although to get there I had to pick between black or white (but not get the chance because they only had black (which I wanted anyway), remember PIN numbers I’d registered ooh, 8 years ago, get credit checked, passwords I’d set and only ever used once ooh, one year ago, log in and register ooh, 3 times for accessibility on iTunes, charge up because “once in a while we get one out of the box and it’s completely dead – well that’s what’s happened with your one” and experience feeling like a fat-fingered retard (retarded in significantly-impaired-functioning sense you appreciate) while I used the keyboard.

By the end of the day, with much thanks to my gadget obsessed sister (Crackberry and Palm user), I felt technologied out. Until the next morning and the Chile earthquake and tsunami warning (which I heard about on the radiola) and lay in bed and went to Stuff to check out more information. Immediate thought: ‘I’m sorry, but this is just too cool. Followed quickly by, do not get into this particular habit”

It’s winning me over, but I need to find that wonderfully, practical completely meaningful aspect of it that makes me love it. Oh, and I need a rubber case for it because it feels like I’m carrying a glass brick around – a sleek, slim, powerful, beautiful brick.

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