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Service Design definition #1,146 and #1,147

1 March, 2010

Tweeted this morning:

@designthinkers Service Design = arranging & designing the collaboration between service provider & end-user using a mix of business & creative expertise

Challenge extended.

SD=conscious/creative process crafting meaningful connections across multiple user-business/provider-Govt goals/desires @skewiff (that’s me)

Now for my more than 140 chars (less actually when you include the repliers name in the tweet)

Service design =

  • conscious & creative process (that’s the design bit – it’s not luck, it is repeatable, there are frameworks & techniques which tame the chaos)
  • of crafting meaningful connections between* customer, business/provider, Govt goals (that’s the outcome bit – meaning for customer could be joy, or time, or getting to the next step, for business it’s effective + efficient, for Govt it’s social good, improvement, profile)
  • and desires (that’s the how – through touchpoints, interactions, channels, process, systems, etc)

*‘across’ was shorter than ‘between’

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