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Customer Experience Map example – high res

27 June, 2010

As promised here is a link to a high-res version (as PDF) of the customer experience map I low-res published the other week.

Update 15 July 2012: I have updated this version again with a better version.

Context: The map should be seen as part of the solutioning process representing a current state customer and service perspective (as opposed to system, architectural, business process, perspectives).  It has opportunities for enhancement, suggested mitigations for point of pain/barriers identified but it is only an input to the other inputs that are required when a large corporate is exploring business change. What I’m basically saying here is saying is maps, blueprints aren’t the be-all, end-all for decision-making and effecting change. I’d also say that a blueprint provides the best bridge for business people to get what service designers are on about, but that the Maps provide the ability to do a realistic blueprint.

Disclaimer: The experience mapped is not factual. I’ve adapted a real example and made into a fictitious (some may say slightly preposterous) service scenario and changed the names to protect the innocent (or commercially confidential). NZ does not have such a silly public sector service offering (it does have other candidates though). For the purposes of illustration, the gist is still in there for it to make sense as a map.

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  1. raybrown99 permalink
    6 July, 2010 11:48 am

    Hi Mel Tks for the high resolution version of the map. Do you mind if I write a post about the process and direct people to your site as an example. We see customer journey mapping as one of the functions/competencies that would naturally sit with the Clienteer. Where do you think it sits in the current business model ?

    • 7 July, 2010 7:35 pm

      Your welcome to Ray, and thanks for asking.

      I’m not entirely sure what a Clienteer is but as I say in my posts I see mapping as one of the many (albeit a key one) inputs to organisational decision-making about how to ensure customers are part of the solutioning process – not just as a reference to marketing, or end-state product development. I think the future state versions have a role to play in assessing the designed and implemented service, but I don’t think their archetypal (i.e. in the sense they are THE reference for assessing customer experience) because I think they need to developed situationally and for the purposes of assessing and designing change – service and business. (I may change my mind on that as I think on it deeper, but the gist is in there : )

  2. raybrown99 permalink
    7 July, 2010 7:53 pm

    Hi Mel That’s great we’ll get the map up for our visitors. A Clienteer is our new concept around what Jeanne Bliss calls the “customer work.” We think that the existing silos of marketing, sales, customer service are too entrenched to be the real cross functional leaders We define a Clienteer as “A person who monitors, influences and facilitates good customer management across a business.” The same word is also a verb and clienteering is the related competency set that is required. Our ClienteerHub website will be the social learning resource centre for folks engaged in this type of work (whether or not they choose to use the Clienteer terminology).

    • 16 February, 2012 4:15 am

      Would “Community Management” be a synonym?

      • 16 February, 2012 10:50 pm

        Thanks for the comment – hopefully Ray sees it.

        (Just as an aisde though – if you are from Wilton the cake decorating masters I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! In fact, tonight I was making icing for my third lesson of the Wilton Decorating Basics course. Bit regimented, but great to learn the basics after years of making it up 😉

      • 18 February, 2012 2:33 am

        Yes! I’m the Director of Educational Marketing for Wilton Brands Inc. I’m glad you enjoyed the course! BTW, sometime during January we taught our 5,000,000th student! We’ve been teaching the Wilton Method for 37 years now.

  3. 12 February, 2013 7:41 am

    Hello, Mel, I am hoping you are still reading the comments on this page. I would like to thank you for the high res file and ask if I may use it as an example of a CE map for a course I’m teaching. If there is a way to contact you to discuss your work outside of this comment box, I would appreciate very much a brief discussion to explain the context of how it will be used.

  4. doina costea permalink
    27 March, 2013 10:02 pm

    hello Mel
    please tel me if “customer mapping” is the same thing as “customer experience map”
    thank you

  5. made with Blümchen permalink
    7 August, 2016 7:24 am

    Hi Mel, thanks for all your hard thinking and doing and testing and improving this tool! It helps me finishing a BA degree and thinking about a business I will start soon. I find the map – and your releflections on it – very inspiring. Greetings from Austria (where there are no kangaroos) to Australia, Gabriele


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